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Market Volatility

The market turmoil of recent days and weeks—not only the swift damage to equity valuations, but the uncharacteristic volatility in fixed income—bears out the risks I have articulated for some time about this extraordinary economic and monetary period. For many quarters, the U.S. Federal Reserve has been walking a high wire between taming inflation and keeping economic growth in positive territory. More recently, the war in Ukraine and new Covid lockdowns in China have violently jostled the central bank from both sides of that wire—along with the nerves of consumers, businesses and market participants.


Clear Harbor Asset Management’s CEO Aaron Kennon Named to Forbes Magazine’s List of Top Advisors 2022

Stamford, Connecticut—Clear Harbor Asset Management LLC today announced that Aaron Kennon, the CEO and Co-Founder of the firm, has been named to Forbes Magazine’s 2022 list of Best-In-State Wealth Advisors. “This award is a tribute to the positive impact that a collective team can have on the lives of others. We are passionate about our work and are reminded during this moment of significant economic and geopolitical uncertainty how the application of it can benefit the individuals, families, and institutions that we work with each and every day,” commented Mr. Kennon.


A Perspective on Ukraine

The rising temperatures in recent days boiled over with Russia’s stunning overnight assault on Ukraine, with armored columns and airstrikes against numerous cities, including the capital of Kyiv. On a humanitarian level, we mourn what will most likely cause significant loss of life, and the largest disruption of a peaceful Europe since the end of World War II.