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A Letter From Our CEO & Co-Founder

Aaron J. Kennon

To our clients who are already familiar with Clear Harbor, thank you for your support and trust in the work that we do and the responsibility that you have bestowed upon our team. For those visiting us for the first time, we are honored that you are considering Clear Harbor to provide a service of such importance to your financial well-being.

We founded Clear Harbor with one mission in mind: to provide the best possible wealth management solutions on behalf of our clients, so that they can achieve their financial and life goals. We leverage the most sophisticated financial planning and investment management tools and partner with exceptional organizations to bring to bear a consistent quality and comprehensive service offering to our clients.

Over the last decade, we have witnessed a fundamental set of economic and geopolitical challenges that have rattled investors, suggesting that even the best-laid financial plans should be reconsidered and analyzed through a different lens. At the same time, we have also observed significant advances in transformative technologies that have enhanced the quality of life and expanded life expectancy for hundreds of millions. Whether in the form of mobile and internet penetration throughout the world, or the creation of new drugs that address diseases such as Hepatitis C and Cancer, ingenuity and change continue to be on the march.

Core actuarial assumptions of wealth management planning have shifted as well. We now must happily assume that our average individual client will live longer. In the U.S., there exists a 45% chance that at least one spouse in a partnership will live to at least 90 years of age. As we celebrate these achievements, we must also construct a wealth strategy that incorporates these new trends and realities.

Whether you are a working professional saving for the education of your children, a retired couple seeking to optimize your proverbial nest egg, a business seeking a retirement plan solution, or a charitable organization focused on expanding and optimizing your mission, Clear Harbor can assist you every step of the way. From the perspective of the Clear Harbor team, each of our clients is a unique relationship established, developed and fostered over many years. In many cases, our clients are multi-generational in nature; it is a pleasure to get to know the parents, children and grandchildren of those we serve.

We take great pride in our client retention rate, as it speaks volumes to the satisfaction of those who we service, and the great work that the team here at Clear Harbor exhibits each and every day. We dedicate ourselves not just to seeking appropriate investments but also to providing solutions and advice on matters both simple and complex.

I have had the privilege to live and work in Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong and London, and to travel regularly to many lesser-known locales worldwide to better understand regional, national and industry conditions. I believe that this century is one in which opportunities will abound for wealth managers who remain global in their thinking, objective in their approach, and keenly focused on the concerns, aspirations and dreams of our clients.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly to determine how Clear Harbor can add meaningful value to the financial well-being of your family, business or organization.


Aaron Kennon

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer