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Serving Clients

A Partner in Wealth Management

Our Approach

At the heart of Clear Harbor...

Lies our Wealth Management Services platform, which applies a goals-based and holistic approach to providing financial advice. A thoughtful wealth plan does not begin with our view about markets and investing but rather starts by listening and understanding your goals, concerns and aspirations. We often incorporate outside financial professionals such as accountants and estate attorneys into our process as their expertise can inform our design and solutions to complex financial matters. We recognize that a “one-size fits all” approach is not realistic and fails to solve for the varying needs of individuals, families and institutions.

Furthermore, while we focus on investing for the long term, short term considerations are a reality of life and require considerable attention as well. We spend a great deal of time with our clients developing a comprehensive wealth strategy that not only can withstand the ebbs and flows of markets but also the reality of human emotion and anxiety. Even the most prudent of wealth strategies cannot be implemented successfully without a thoughtful application of each client’s unique financial and emotional tolerance for risk.

Wealth Management Services

Achieve Your Goals

Wealth Planning Road Map

Clear Harbor takes pride in developing an individualized Wealth Planning Road Map for each of our clients. We work with your attorneys, accountants and family members to design the optimal financial path forward for you.

We recognize that events occur in life that are both planned and unexpected, which is why we believe that wealth planning is not a one-time task but rather an ongoing exercise that evolves. From saving for college and planning to buy your first home, to planning for retirement and transferring wealth to the next generation, our team of professionals can provide comprehensive solutions and advice. We also recognize that we are all human and adapt differently to change, with emotions playing a significant role in how we think about our life goals and wealth.

Risk Analysis

Your emotions have an impact on how you formulate your views and how you prioritize issues and matters of significance in your life. This is very “human”. You have both an emotional and a financial tolerance for risk that need to be taken into consideration and harmonized so that you can sleep well at night and achieve your wealth goals.

Clear Harbor seeks to partner with you to establish a risk framework that will allow client investment strategies to remain steady despite market gyrations. This is critical, as even the most thoughtfully allocated investment portfolio can be hijacked by human emotion. As such, we work with our clients to find those optimal risk levels that can achieve financial objectives with the least amount of risk.

Cash Flow Analysis

Among other aspects of our service model, we can provide each of our clients with a sophisticated cash flow analysis that gleans insights from the past and present and then provides likely outcomes for your probable future wealth environment. This analysis incorporates personal goals, objectives and your unique level of tolerance for portfolio volatility. We view this exercise as central to our wealth planning exercise as it attempts to determine how much retained wealth you will require to support your desired lifestyle, the timing of saving and spending strategies to preserve your wealth for your lifetime and beyond, and the most tax-efficient tactics for harvesting it. We are also able to measure progress and stress-test the likelihood of achieving your goals based on a comprehensive series of market observations, assumptions and analysis.

Estate Planning

We can collaborate together with external partners to create or update your estate plan including the establishment of a trust or a will. Do you have a health care proxy established within a will so that end-of life decisions are placed in the hands of a responsible individual? Do you wish to transfer your real estate to your family but also occupy it for the remaining years of your life? Have you considered the risks and impact of disability, incapacity and/or divorce? These questions can be addressed through your team at Clear Harbor as we work in partnership with you and external attorneys to design estate structures that will help realize your aspirations during your lifetime and insure that your wishes are implemented after your passing.

Portfolio Management

A central ballast to our Wealth Management services is the construction of a portfolio designed to reflect your unique goals and objectives. The strategies that we construct and implement can span both internally researched individual investment securities as well as externally managed passive, factor and active funds. Our team of financial professionals has a flexible tool box because we recognize that a “one-size fits all” approach is not optimal. We not only apply our own proprietary research but also have access to dozens of external research providers, all contributing to a healthy diversification of thought, analysis and objectivity.

Asset Allocation

Clear Harbor’s market-leading solutions, alongside our extensive experience in realizing the benefits of investment diversification, enable us to analyze each portfolio and make individualized recommendations. Understanding each client’s unique set of financial goals, risk tolerance and overall financial picture is paramount as we advise clients on how to best optimize their asset allocation.

Investments may include:

  • Individual Equities
  • Individual Fixed Income Securities
  • Tax-Efficient Strategies
  • ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)
  • Sustainability
  • Commodities
  • Real Estate
  • Alternatives (for example long/short equity hedge funds, managed futures, arbitrage funds, etc…)

Retirement Planning & Insurance

Clear Harbor provides retirement planning and insurance services including:

  • Social Security optimization
  • Retirement savings plans for individuals, as well as corporations, not-for-profits, etc. – IRAs, 401(k)/403(b), annuities etc.
  • Analysis of family/individual spending and income.
  • Coordinating insurance solutions for individuals and families, including, but not limited to, life, second-to-die, disability, long-term care and estate considerations.

Charitable Giving Solutions

Clear Harbor provides a range of services for our wealth management clients seeking to maximize the impact of their philanthropic initiatives. From gifting strategies to Donor Advised Funds and personal foundations, we harness our expertise and relationships so that our clients can leave a lasting charitable legacy.

Lending Solutions

Whether seeking a mortgage, non-recourse or commercial real estate loan, addressing the need for liquidity and diversification from restricted and control stock, or providing personal banking and cash management services, Clear Harbor provides a panoply of solutions through our broad network of financial partners, custodians, and banks.  

Client Online Services

Clear Harbor Connect (CHC) is our Account Aggregation tool available to all Clear Harbor clients. Clear Harbor Connect allows our clients to see not only details about their Clear Harbor accounts, but also to have a comprehensive view of their overall financial picture. CHC also incorporates budgeting tools and a secure vault for documents.

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